Alarm 22 would like to thank the people that have helped us to make our game a reality:

Special thanks to Alcatraz Prison Guard Patrick Mahoney for his input on the game. His accounts of Alcatraz Prison can be had through buying his book:

Assignment Alcatraz: My Dirty, Wonderful Job

Goodreads    and    AMAZON

We appreciate the support from the National Park Service, especially the employees of Alcatraz Island.

They have curated a living museum in the heart of San Francisco Bay. Their great efforts mean this history will be available for future generations.

The staff at Alcatraz Cruises has been very supportive of our efforts. More than that, we are thankful for their friendship and continued advice. They are a great group of people that help thousands of people experience Alcatraz Island every day.

We would also like to thank all of the players and enthusiast that have provided advise on the game. We are especially thankful for our editors and spell checkers because we worked them hard.

We are also thankful for all those that have provided advice on business, even if we did not take it.

Thank you to all those that have helped up along. We hope you enjoy the game!