BRIEF: Collect cards to make a successful escape.

Don't get frustrated, this game requires strategy. After you play the game a couple of times, you will have a good understanding of the strategy. By then, you will be familiar with the cards and the ESCAPE ROUTE CHART.

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Start rolling from the Warden Johnston to processing (2 players use 1 die).

Collect an ALCATRAZ INMATE card at Processing. First in also gets a MODEL PRISONER card.

Set up the GUARD, PLANNING and ESCAPE cards (1-12 or 1-24) with 1 on top. (2 player game only use 1 to 12).

Circle the prison starting and ending in the Main Cellhouse.

Collect 4 PLANNING and 4 ESCAPE cards by landing on the arrow spaces. Discard excess. (In a 3-players game, collect 5 of each)

When you have the right PLANNING and ESCAPE cards to make an escape, go to the area for that escape to start an escape.

If you don't have the right card in an escape, go to Solitary Confinement. Lose all cards.

The last 2 spaces of an escape can be instant death if you do not have the correct ESCAPE card (see Rules).

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Important Aspects Of Game Play

Fight Die:

From the boat to processing, if 2 players land on the same square, then fight. Roll the single die, highest die wins. Winner moves forward, looser backwards. If the space is occupied, fight again. After all fights, resume normal play.


Backwards Moves:

Players get nothing for going backwards.


Bump Rule:

In the prison or an escape, if a player lands on an occupied space, the other player gets bumped forward. Win or lose.



A player that rolls 1-1 gets the WARDEN card. If another player rolls Snake-Eyes, they take the WARDEN card. WARDEN card substitutes for one GUARD card punishment by turning it in.

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Players landing on MP space get or lose the MODEL PRISONER card. Players landing in Solitary Confinement must give up the Model Prisoner card. If you can hold the card until the next player rolls the die, without someone catching you, then you get to keep the MODEL PRISONER card. Any disputes over the MODEL PRISONER card, then player loses the card.

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GROUNDS Escapes: escape_arrow6 escape_arrow9 escape_arrow12

Players must have a MODEL PRISONER card or GARBAGE DETAIL card to use the GROUNDS escapes.

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